BR 600 vs BR 800: Which One is Right for You?

BR 600 and BR 800 are two popular backpack leaf blowers in the market today.

BR 600 vs BR 800

Features and Specifications


The BR 600 is powered by a 64.8 cc engine, while the BR 800 boasts a more powerful 79.9 cc engine.
This difference in engine size translates to a higher power output and better performance in the BR 800.


Both the BR 600 and BR 800 are designed to provide high airflow for efficient leaf blowing.
However, the BR 800 has a higher maximum airspeed of 208 mph, compared to the BR 600’s 201 mph.

Similarly, the BR 800 has a higher air volume of 912 cubic feet per minute (CFM) compared to the BR 600’s 677 CFM.


The BR 600 weighs 21.6 lbs, while the BR 800 is slightly heavier at 23.4 lbs.
This difference in weight can impact user comfort and maneuverability, especially during prolonged use.

Noise Level

Both models are designed to operate at a relatively low noise level, making them suitable for residential use.
The BR 600 has a noise level of 75 dB, while the BR 800 operates at 78 dB.

FeatureBR 600BR 800
Engine64.8 cc79.9 cc
Airspeed201 mph208 mph
Air Volume677 CFM912 CFM
Weight21.6 lbs23.4 lbs
Noise Level75 dB78 dB

Performance Comparison

Power and Efficiency

The BR 800’s larger engine size and higher airspeed and air volume make it more powerful and efficient than the BR 600.

This increased power allows the BR 800 to tackle more demanding tasks and cover larger areas in less time.

Fuel Consumption

The BR 600 has a fuel consumption rate of 431 g/kWh, while the BR 800 consumes fuel at a slightly higher rate of 440 g/kWh.
Although the difference is minimal, the BR 600 is slightly more fuel-efficient.

Real-Life Examples

Let’s consider a real-life example to better understand the performance difference between the BR 600 and BR 800.

Imagine you have a large property with a significant amount of leaves to clear.

The BR 800’s increased power and efficiency would allow you to complete the task faster and with less effort compared to the BR 600.

User Comfort and Maneuverability


Both the BR 600 and BR 800 are designed with user comfort in mind.
They feature ergonomic backpack straps and a comfortable grip handle to reduce user fatigue during extended use.

Weight and Balance

As mentioned earlier, the BR 800 is slightly heavier than the BR 600.
The difference in weight is minimal and should not significantly impact user comfort or maneuverability.


Both models are designed to minimize vibration, reducing user fatigue and discomfort during operation.

The BR 800 features an anti-vibration system that further reduces vibration levels, making it more comfortable to use for extended periods.


The BR 800 outperforms the BR 600 in terms of power, efficiency, and overall performance.

The BR 600 is slightly more fuel-efficient and lighter, which may be important factors for some users.

The choice between the BR 600 and BR 800 will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

We hope this comprehensive comparison has provided you with the information needed to make an informed decision.

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