How to Revive Wilted Strawberry Plants: Causes and Solutions

If you are a gardener, you know the joy of growing fresh fruit in your own backyard. Sometimes our beloved plants can experience problems and, as a result, wilt. 

Why are my strawberry plants wilting?

How to Revive Wilted Strawberry Plants

Before we dive into how to revive wilted strawberry plants, it’s important to understand why your plants are wilting. The causes of wilting in strawberry plants can vary and may include:

Causes of Wilting in Strawberry Plants

1. Overwatered Strawberry Plants: Strawberries require moist soil, but too much water can cause the roots to rot, which results in wilting and, ultimately, the death of the plant.

2. Under-watered Strawberry Plant: Conversely, too little water can also cause wilting in strawberry plants. If the soil is dry to the touch and the leaves look shriveled, it’s time to water your strawberry plant.

3. Poor Soil Drainage: Strawberries need well-draining soil. If the soil doesn’t drain well, water can accumulate around the roots, causing root rot and wilting.

How to Prevent Strawberry Plants from Wilting

Prevention is always the best course of action, and there are several things you can do to prevent wilt in your strawberry plants:

1. Plant strawberries in well-draining soil and avoid areas where water puddles after a rainfall.

2. Water your strawberry plants correctly. Generally, strawberry plants require about 1-2 inches of water per week. Water the plants deeply, but don’t overwater them.

3. Mulch around the base of the plant to help retain moisture and prevent the soil from drying out too quickly.

How to Revive a Dying Strawberry Plant

If your strawberry plant is already wilting, it’s important to act quickly to save it. Here are some steps to revive a dying strawberry plant:

1. Checking the Soil

Check the soil to make sure it’s moist but not waterlogged. If the soil is too wet, leave it to dry out before proceeding to the next step.

2. Watering the Strawberry Plant Correctly

When it comes to watering a dying strawberry plant, it’s essential to strike the right balance. Water the plant deeply, but not too often. Generally, watering 1 inch per week is enough.

3. Applying Organic Matter to the Soil

Applying compost to the soil can help revitalize a dying strawberry plant. Compost adds organic matter to the soil, which helps to improve soil structure and water retention.

Issues with Strawberry Plant Leaves

Wilting strawberries aren’t the only problem you may encounter when growing strawberries. Issues with strawberry plant leaves can also occur and may include:

The Importance of Soil Drainage

Poor soil drainage can cause issues with strawberry plant leaves. If the soil doesn’t drain well, water can accumulate around the roots, causing root rot, yellow leaves, and wilting.

How to Deal with Crown Rot

Crown rot is a fungal disease that affects the crown of the strawberry plant – the part where the leaves meet the roots. 

Symptoms of crown rot include dark, mushy spots on the crown and the base of the plant. 

To prevent the spread of the disease, remove any affected plants and avoid planting strawberries in the same spot in the future.

Using Mulch to Protect Strawberry Plants

Mulching around the base of the plant can help to prevent issues with strawberry plant leaves. 

Mulch helps to retain moisture, prevent weeds from growing, and acts as a barrier between the leaves and the soil, preventing fungal diseases.

General Tips for Growing Healthy Strawberry Plants

Now that you know how to revive a dying strawberry plant and prevent issues with strawberry plant leaves let’s look at some general tips for growing healthy strawberry plants:

How to Properly Fertilize Strawberry Plants

Fertilize strawberry plants in the spring with a balanced fertilizer. Don’t over-fertilize, as this can cause more harm than good. Dip the plant’s roots in the fertilizer solution before planting.

What to Do About Fungus on Strawberry Plants

To prevent fungal diseases in your strawberry plants, avoid wetting the leaves when watering. 

If you do notice fungus on your strawberry plants, remove the affected leaves and avoid planting strawberries in the same spot in the future.

Harvesting Fruit from Strawberry Plants

Harvest your strawberries when they are fully ripe. Use scissors to cut the fruit from the plant, being careful not to damage the plant in the process.

By following these tips and guidelines, you can successfully grow healthy strawberry plants and prevent wilt and other issues from occurring.#


Q: Why do strawberry plants wilt and die?

A: There are many reasons why strawberry plants may wilt and die, including fungal infections, crown rot, pests, overwatering, and soil problems.

Q: How can I save a dying strawberry plant?

A: First, identify the problem. If the cause is overwatering, let the plant dry out. If it’s a fungal infection, treat it with fungicide. If it’s due to poor soil quality, amend the soil with organic matter.

Q: Can strawberry leaves turn yellow when the plant is dying?

A: Yes, yellowing leaves can be a sign of distress in strawberry plants. However, yellowing can also be caused by a nutrient deficiency or pest infestation.

Q: What are some common strawberry diseases that can cause wilting?

A: Some of the most common strawberry diseases include verticillium wilt, anthracnose, botrytis, and powdery mildew.

Q: How do I prevent my strawberry plants from wilting?

A: To prevent wilting, make sure your strawberry plants are getting the right amount of water and nutrients. Avoid overwatering and provide proper drainage. Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged.

Q: Can a potted strawberry plant be revived if it’s wilting?

A: Yes, potted strawberry plants can be revived by making sure they are getting the right amount of water and nutrients. Make sure the pot has good drainage, and water the plant when the top inch of soil is dry.

Q: Can too much water cause strawberry plants to wilt?

A: Yes, overwatering can lead to root rot and cause strawberry plants to wilt and die.

Q: What is crown rot in strawberry plants?

A: Crown rot is a fungal disease that affects the crown of the strawberry plant. It can cause wilting, yellowing leaves, and plant death.

Q: Can damage to your strawberry plant’s roots cause wilting?

A: Yes, damage to the roots can cause wilting in strawberry plants. Avoid damaging the roots when transplanting or weeding around the plant.

Q: Can excess water turn parts of the strawberry plant brown?

A: Yes, excess water can cause root rot and turn parts of the strawberry plant brown.

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