How to Save Aloe Plant with No Roots? Solution

Aloe vera plant is a succulent that can thrive in various conditions. Despite its hardiness, there are times when the plant may encounter problems, such as losing its roots. 

When this happens, it can be alarming for gardeners since the root system plays a crucial role in the plant’s survival. All hope is not lost. It is possible to save an aloe plant without roots.

What Causes an Aloe Plant to Lose Roots?

How to Save Aloe Plant with No Roots

Before we delve into how to save an aloe plant with no roots, let’s first understand the reasons why it loses them.


One of the most common reasons why an aloe plant may lose its roots is overwatering or underwatering. Both can lead to root rot, which will eventually cause the plant to lose its roots. It’s important to water your aloe properly to keep its roots healthy.

Root Rot

Root rot is a fungal disease that can affect an aloe plant’s root system. It is caused by overwatering, poor drainage, or poor soil quality. This disease can cause the roots to decay and eventually lead to the death of the plant.

Planting Aloe Vera without Roots

Some growers may attempt to propagate their aloe plant without roots. While it may be successful, it can also lead to the parent plant losing its roots. 

This is because the main plant sacrifices its root system to provide nutrients for the new plant.

How to Water an Aloe Plant Without Roots?

When an aloe plant has no roots, watering becomes a delicate process. Here are some steps to follow to ensure the plant gets the right amount of water:

Using Proper Drainage

When watering an aloe plant without roots, it’s essential to use a container with proper drainage. This prevents water from pooling at the bottom of the pot, which can cause root rot.

Using Root Hormone

Adding root hormone to the water can help stimulate root growth in aloe plants without roots. Root hormone contains plant hormones, such as auxins, that encourage root growth.

Planting in a New Root System

If you’re starting a new plant with no roots, you can help it grow new roots by planting it in a new root system. This involves adding a well-draining soil mix to the pot and watering it lightly.

How to Save an Aloe Plant with No Roots?

If you’re wondering how to save an aloe plant without roots, here are some methods you can try:

Propagating from Offshoots

Aloe vera plants often produce offshoots, also known as pups. These are small plants that grow from the parent plant’s base and can be separated once they have developed their root system. 

Propagating from offshoots is an excellent way to save an aloe plant with no roots.

Cutting the Leaf and Rooting It

Another way to save your aloe plant is by cutting a leaf from the mother plant and rooting it. To do this, remove the plant from its pot and shake the soil away from the roots. 

Cut a healthy leaf, making sure to include the base. Dip the roots in rooting hormone, plant the leaf in well-draining soil, and water it lightly.

Cleaning and Drying the Plant

If your aloe plant has lost its roots due to root rot, it’s essential to clean and dry the plant before applying any treatment. Remove the plant from its pot and gently wash away any soil. 

Allow the plant to dry for a few days before replanting it in a new, well-draining soil mix.

How to Prevent Root Rot in Aloe Vera?

To keep your aloe vera plant healthy, you must prevent root rot. Here are some tips:

Using a Well-Draining Soil

A well-draining soil mix prevents water from pooling at the bottom of the pot. It helps the roots to breathe and absorb nutrients effectively.

Avoiding Overwatering

Overwatering is the leading cause of root rot in aloe vera plants. Always check the soil’s moisture level before watering to prevent overwatering.

Using a Fungicide

If you suspect your aloe vera plant has root rot, use a fungicide to treat it. It is important to choose a fungicide that does not harm the plant and follow the instructions carefully.

Can Aloe Vera Plants Grow Without Roots?

Aloe vera plants can grow without roots, but it’s best to grow them with a healthy root system. If an aloe plant has no roots, it can still grow new roots through propagation. 

Growing an aloe vera in water for long periods is not recommended as this can lead to root rot.

Yes, through Propagation

Aloe vera plants can grow without roots by propagating them from offshoots or leaf cuttings. This method allows the plant to grow new roots and develop a healthy root system.

It’s Best to have a Root System for a Healthy Plant

While it’s possible to grow an aloe vera plant without roots, it’s best to have a healthy root system for optimal growth and survival.

Growing Aloe Vera in Water for Long Periods is not Recommended

Growing an aloe vera plant in water for extended periods is not recommended as the roots may rot. It’s essential to use well-draining soil and water the plant properly to keep the roots healthy.

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