Stihl AutoCut C26-2 Problems: Common Issues and Solutions

The Stihl AutoCut C26-2 is a popular trimmer head designed for use with Stihl grass trimmers and brushcutters. While it offers excellent performance and durability, some users may experience problems with the device. 

We will discuss common issues faced by users of the Stihl AutoCut C26-2 and suggest possible solutions to address these problems.

Problem 1: Line Feeding Issues

One of the most common problems users face with the Stihl AutoCut C26-2 is difficulty in feeding the line. This can result in uneven cutting and reduced efficiency.

Solution: To resolve this issue, first, ensure that the line is wound correctly onto the spool. The line should be wound tightly and evenly, with no overlaps or crossed sections. 

If the line is not wound correctly, remove it from the spool and rewind it properly. Additionally, make sure that the line is of the correct diameter and type recommended by the manufacturer.

Problem 2: Trimmer Head Vibration

Excessive vibration in the trimmer head can cause discomfort and make it difficult to control the trimmer.

Solution: To reduce vibrations, ensure that the trimmer head is properly balanced and securely attached to the trimmer. Check for any loose or damaged parts and replace them if necessary. 

Also, make sure that the line is wound correctly on the spool, as an unevenly wound line can cause vibrations.

Problem 3: Line Breakage

Frequent line breakage can be frustrating and result in increased downtime and maintenance costs.

Solution: To prevent line breakage, use the correct type and diameter of line recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid using old, brittle, or low-quality lines, as these are more prone to breaking. 

Ensure that the trimmer head is not making contact with hard surfaces or obstacles, as this can also cause the line to break.

Problem 4: Difficulty in Replacing the Line

Some users may find it challenging to replace the line on the Stihl AutoCut C26-2 trimmer head.

Solution: To make the process of replacing the line easier, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Ensure that the trimmer is turned off and disconnected from any power source before attempting to replace the line. 

If you are still having difficulty, consider seeking assistance from a Stihl dealer or an experienced user.

Problem 5: Trimmer Head Not Rotating

In some cases, the trimmer head may not rotate, resulting in the inability to cut grass or weeds effectively.

Solution: If the trimmer head is not rotating, check for any debris or grass clippings caught in the head or around the shaft. Clean the trimmer head and shaft thoroughly and ensure that there are no obstructions. 

If the problem persists, inspect the trimmer head for any damaged or worn parts and replace them if necessary.


While the Stihl AutoCut C26-2 is a reliable and efficient trimmer head, users may encounter some problems during its operation. By following the suggested solutions in this blog post, you can address these issues and ensure that your trimmer head continues to perform at its best. 

Remember to consult your user manual and seek assistance from a Stihl dealer or experienced user if you are unsure how to resolve a specific issue.

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